Choosing Kitchen Cabinets: 14 Things You Need to Know

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6. Over-the-top options:

When it comes to drawer design, look for something called an “over-travel slide.” Unlike other styles, this design extends the drawer past the front of the cabinet, allowing complete access to the inside.

7. Framed vs. frameless:

A framed cabinet design gives the kitchen a classic look, whereas a frameless design evokes a sleek, modern look.

8. The warranty is a secret hint to quality:

Experts claim that a lower-end product will have a short, limited warranty, while a high-end product will offer longer warranty options.

9. Drawer slide mounts matter:

Side mounts can handle the heaviest storage (75 pounds and higher); center mounts are ideal for small, lightweight storage (35- to 50-pound capacity).

10. MDF vs. plywood:

Medium-density fiberboard is less expensive than plywood, but more expensive than particleboard.

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