25 Gardening Tips to Increase Yields in your Vegetable Garden

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Grow Hybrid Seed Varieties

Not to be confused with genetically modified seed, hybrid seed varieties are plants that have been selectively bred and cross-bred for improved characteristics. They still produce seed after their kind (an eggplant will still produce an eggplant). But unlike heirlooms, their seed won’t produce plants with the seed characteristics of the hybrid parent.

Hybrid seed has increased vigor so they’re more hardy. They may be disease resistant or unappealing to pests. They can extend your season, or decrease the days to maturity. This allows you to grow plants in a colder climate when you might not have had enough time between frosts to grow before.

Hybrid varieties often are selected for the size of the produce they bear or the abundant quantities of vegetables they can grow. I purchase hybrid seeds from companies that serve farmers and market gardeners. This is because I  know they want seed that will result in you being able to increase yields.

All of these qualities of hybrid seed will work together and help you to grow more vegetables in a smaller space!

Check the Viability of Old Seeds

Don’t waste your time and garden space planting seeds that won’t grow! Check the viability of your garden seeds before planting so you know how much seed you need to over-plant in each hole. It’s better to plant too many and thin them later if they all grow than to have none come up.

And that’s saying something coming from me because I hate thinning seedlings! I feel the weight of responsibility for the decision over which one to kill! (What if I pick the wrong one?!)

Choose Fast-Maturing Varieties

Some types of vegetables have plants that take only a few weeks to reach maturity.  Other varieties of the same type of plant may take months. (Tomatoes are a good example. They can range anywhere from 55-85 days to maturity.) If you are trying to grow as much food as possible and increase yields in your garden, you would want to choose to grow the faster-maturing varieties of seed.

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