12 Small Room Loft Apartment with Bold Yellow Accents in Savassi, Brazil

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This two level loft apartment is located in the heart of Savassi, upscale neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, Brazil with total living area of 80 square meters. Interior design was made for rental apartment that shows that even a “temporary” address, can be decorated functional, modern and beautiful.

On the first floor is located living room, dining area and kitchen designed in American style. On the second floor are the bedroom and the bathroom, but hall in the upstairs is transformed in to small office making loft apartment layout functional and easy to use. Talking about design and style, designer has used in interior more style mix from rustic, modern and American. The choice of colors is typical to the region. For walls and floor mainly used warm neutral shades as brown, beige, moss green, while accents used in bold yellow, red, blue colors creating an attractive interior with its own charm. As well has used a lot of decors – pictures, textures, leather carpets, lamps, little sculptures – these details create a very cozy feeling that makes one forget that this is a rental loft apartment.


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