11 Of the best micro apartments from around the world

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While living in a tiny house may or may not be ideal for some, most people living in highly populous cities have no choice but to cram themselves into even smaller apartments. That often means coming up with ingenious ways of maximizing space through the use of modular furniture, clever storage tricks, and all-around innovative design. This could involve creating an all-in-one partition-wardrobe-bed unit, or putting everything into sliding drawers, or going vertical.

We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite international micro apartments from the archives (and a couple new ones) that showcase tiny-urban-living at its finest. All of the homes clock in under 500 square feet, with one going as dangerously small as 86 square feet. Can you even imagine? Take a look a see. You might be surprised.

1.An Art Nouveau Micro apartment in Berlin

In Berlin, Coss revamped a 21-square-meter (226-square-foot) Art Nouveau apartment into something beautiful by creating a central kitchen and bathroom unit in pine, above which a lofted sleeping space floats. A steel staircase mounted to the wall gives access to the mezzanine, delineating the space between the kitchen and the entrance hall.

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