10 Modern Interior Design for Two Level Apartment

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This 3-bedroom apartment is designed with its own unique look in modern style. With used furniture and accessories from IKEA catalog, thus way creating a modern and relatively inexpensive interior design. Apartment has a specific plan – several rooms are separated and are at different levels, with stairs up and down, so it was not easy to set up an unified design.

The master bedroom is located at quite lower level, with stairs leading down from the living room. Bedroom number two is on its side on the upper levels, linked to the next room through the kitchen, as well living room is located in upper level. These all rooms share one common neutral white wall color with warm honey-colored floors and colorful accents in pillows, sofa, boxes, pictures and in other decors. Despite the complicated and specific planning the result is wonderful – apartment interior is managed functional, homey and with special atmosphere.


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